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October 26, 2012

Build your business with Travel Incentives

Everyone knows that nothing closes a sale better than a free bonus. The problem is, selecting the right bonuses can be time consuming and expensive, plus the extra shipping costs can eat away at profit margins. That's why travel incentives are the perfect solution for both Internet-based and physical businesses.

Travel incentives are a win-win business giveaway that you can use to close sales, reward frequent buyers, or offer as incentives for responding to upsells, cross-sells, or membership renewal campaigns.
Travel incentives are typically presented as certificates which the bearer can redeem for air travel, cruises, hotel stays, or whatever other travel opportunity is offered on the travel incentive coupon.

One of the best features of travel incentive coupons is their low cost. Business owners can purchase as few or as many travel coupons as they want. Although they are inexpensive to purchase, they have a very high perceived value from the customer's point of view. After all, everyone knows how expensive it is to fly to an exciting vacation destination, or stay at a quality hotel. Travel incentive coupons look like they are worth hundreds or even thousands of dollars. Your customers will think that you have over-delivered, and they will be quite impressed.
A recent survey shows that over 80% of survey respondents said they would like to travel more if they could afford it. Imagine being able to offer a free business incentive that grants the wishes of so many people!

How Travel Incentives Work
Travel incentives are a life-saver to the hospitality industry. When hotels need to fill their rooms, or airline flights are empty, travel incentives bring in needed business.
Although the travel and rooms are free to the traveller, the industry knows that each vacationer will spend money on food, entertainment, souvenirs and other products and services while they are on vacation. Travel incentive coupons stimulate the economy and everyone benefits.
How to buy travel incentives

Travel incentive coupons are sold by authorized brokers. Although there are a lot of companies selling coupons, not all of them are authorized. The difference between buying from an authorized broker, and a fly-by-night one, is the quality of the travel experience that your customer receives. Nothing could be worse then to give your customer a gift that turns out to be a disaster. You can't afford to take chances.

The better authorized travel incentive brokers offer high-quality travel vacation vouchers that, for example, include 3 days and 2 night 3-star hotel accommodations and $500 spending certificates in some cities.

Most of the better brokers also offer travel incentive coupons that can be combined with other travel incentive coupons to create dream packages like 3-day getaways to 4 and 5-star hotels, including airfare, for less than the cost of dinner for two at your local pizza restaurant.
Don't waste your time and money offering bonuses that look like every other free offer out there. Give your customer the gift of free travel and watch your sales explode.
About the Author

Sheryl Strasser makes it easy to learn how to generate sales. She has developed "10 Ways to Generate Sales Guide" to help small businesses find unique ways to Generate Sales. To receive your free mini ecourse visit Travel Incentive 

Written by: Sheryl Strasser
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